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About Us



AVCIAS; For more than 20 years, it has been trying to offer the best with its national and international market experience. Our company; It adds value to both itself and our customers with the quality service models it offers in the fields of medical, consultancy, startup and distributorship.

Working doesn’t mean getting tired and sweating. According to the requirements of the time, it is imperative to make maximum use of science, technique and all kinds of civilized inventions. With our knowledge-oriented solutions from our experience, we produce clear services in line with science.

Customer Satisfaction Focused Solutions

National and International Activities

Professional Practices in the Light of Science and Technology

Our Vision

To provide the most perfect and sustainable service to our customers with the values we create together with our business partners in the global market and to be the preferred business partner company that respects the environment and human health.

It is our company principle to provide service in the light of science, technique and technology in all the services we apply in line with our vision and to work with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

We work with a reliable and responsible team, with the awareness of making every day a more livable world and doing the best for human health.